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How Not to Address Climate Change

Common sense should tell us that good policies produce more in benefits than they cost us. Unfortunately, common sense has left the building when it comes to climate policy. Asserting (somewhat absurdly) that America's economic and geopolitical competitors, such.. Read More

Isn't This What You Want?

Tata, India's largest vehicle manufacturer, has decided to bring mobility to the masses, introducing an Indian-style "people's car," a petite rear-engine car called the Nano that gets 50 miles to the gallon, and will sell for the amazingly low... Read More

The Climate Gap and the 2008 Presidential Campaign

As we approach the elections of 2008, a clear gap has emerged between the major Republican and Democratic candidates on the issue of environment. Call it the "climate gap." A look at the websites of the candidates as well... Read More

Things Worth Investigating

When it comes to fossil fuels, the political class (mostly, but not entirely, on the left) has developed a case of "investigitis." We're seeing this dynamic reappear along with the latest energy problem -- the BP oil pipeline shutdown. Calling... Read More

Carbon's Kindergarten Cop

A wise investor puts her money in investments that offer the highest returns at the lowest cost. A poor investor puts his money in investments that offer low returns at a higher cost. I don't know what you'd call an... Read More

Crichton's State of Fear...

Many people can teach. Many people can tell great stories. But few people can teach by way of telling a great story. Dr. Michael Crichton, physician-turned-novelist-turned screenplay-writer is one of those few. State of Fear (HarperCollins Publishers, 2004, 603 pag Read More

Right on Science?

"Papers are getting it right on science," crowed the Globe and Mail, citing the results of a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) (Picard, 2004). But even in covering a study about media accuracy, the Globe... Read More

Turning Miners Into Custodians

Headlines about fishery fiascos in Canada are nothing new: the fisheries that have been historically most important, salmon on the west coast and cod on the east coast, have been in trouble for years. In 1991, the cod stocks... Read More

Safety's Wellspring

Increasingly, the debate over climate change is moving from alarmist global climate predictions, to alarmist regional climate predictions -- reports purporting to predict the future climate impacts of rising greenhouse gas concentration on specific regions of the Read More

Watch and Learn

A new issue emerging in environmental science is the contamination of ground and surface water bodies with pharmaceutical and personal care products, or PPCPs. When people take medications, or use personal care products such as medicated shampoo or sunscreen, a... Read More

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