Articles by Kristian Karlsson

More Tax Please, We're Swedish

In Sweden - already the country with the highest taxes in the industrialized world - the ruling social democrats are now running for re-election on raising taxes even more. Sweden is certainly an odd bird among civilized nations. The proposal... Read More

Human Shields, Ukraine Wants You!

The Ukraine, Europe's second largest country, is on the verge of outright dictatorship. After the presidential election on November 21, about 200,000 protesters have gathered in Kiev's Independence Square, as well as other places around the country, to protest... Read More

Tales from the Fringe

Should men pay an extra tax, just for being men? The Swedish post-communist Left Party thinks so. The extra tax is meant to compensate women, all of whom are thought structurally oppressed by the male collective. All men are... Read More

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