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Shock Therapy for Jobs

Now, after the severe financial panic of two years ago, it seems clear that too many tax and regulatory obstacles are blocking satisfactory job creation. And it also seems clear that a number of fresh new incentives will be necessary to spur the kind of prosperity Read More

Pence-Corker Inflation Target Aimed at QE2

House leader Mike Pence and Sen. Bob Corker submitted legislation to end the Fed's dual mandate of balancing employment and inflation. Instead, they want to rewrite the late-'70s Humphrey-Hawkins act to mandate an inflation target for the Fed, dropping the employme Read More

Strong Retail Sales Warn the Fed: Cease and Desist

During the 19th century, many presidential campaigns were fought on the issue of the dollar and its gold or silver backing. So history may repeat itself. Will we have Keynesian fine-tuning, or stable money backed by commodities including gold? Read More

The World Against Bernanke

The great Bernanke QE2 debate continues to heat up. In the run-up to the G-20 meetings, China, Russia, Germany, and others are all coming out against the Federal Reserve's quantitative-easing agenda. They don't want hot-money excess dollars to flow into their highe Read More

Less Bad Stuff Is Good

The real meaning of the new Senate-House-Obama triangle is not yet clear. The bad stuff will be stopped. That's good. But how much good stuff can be legislated remains to be seen. This might be what's slowing down the stock market. Read More

Final Nail in the Democrats' Coffin

The White House bet the ranch on a massive government pump-priming plan, but the scheduled economic recovery has simply not occurred. And that's why a Republican Tea Party tsunami lies just over the horizon. That tidal wave could be even greater than current pollin Read More

QE Lite...

Perhaps I was right to give Treasury man Tim Geithner the benefit of the doubt over his statements last week hinting at King Dollar protection. Perhaps. Today's big news on the Fed's QE2 money-creating policy -- due out the day after the election -- suggests a mini Read More

Will Tim Geithner Resurrect King Dollar?

Apparently, the weak dollar doesn't concern Fed-head Ben Bernanke all that much. But in a new wrinkle to this story, one wonders if Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is suddenly paying attention to the greenback. Read More

White House's Newest Villain Is Big Business

Image by Getty Images via @daylife Believe it or not, with jobs falling for four consecutive months and unemployment stubbornly high near 10 percent, President Obama is out on the campaign trail bashing businesses and promoting class warfare. Huh?... Read More

Jobs Tepid, Dems Out, Stocks Up?

Friday's unemployment report for September, the last before the election, brought more bad news for the Obama Democrats. But more and more, it seems bad economic news illustrating the failure of Obamanomics becomes good news for stocks on the expectation of a GOP t Read More

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