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Mac Must Make the Investor Case Now

John McCain is gaining traction on the tax issue as he aggressively makes the case that Obama the Redistributor will take your money and give it to someone else, while he, McCain, will create more economic opportunity by growing the... Read More

Mustard Seeds of Hope

Fear and volatility continue to dominate stock markets as the economy sinks into recession and profits estimates suffer from deeper downgrades. But how bearish should investors really be? Warren Buffett writes in today's New York Times that now's the time... Read More

Good Little Stuff from Big Mac

It certainly wasn't the big-bang across-the-board tax-reform and tax-cut plan that I and others lobbied for. But John McCain's "Pension and Family Security Plan" unveiled today on the campaign trail does have some solid pro-growth nuggets. I'm calling it some... Read More

McCain Must Talk Growth and Recovery

John McCain needs a knock-out performance at Tuesday night's presidential debate if he is to keep his hopes alive. Right now polls paint a dismal picture for Sen. McCain. Rasmussen shows Obama leading 52-44, Obama's highest level ever. (Moving above... Read More

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