Larry Kudlow: December 2008 Archives

Time for a Choice — Not an Echo

The GOP must bolster its argument for spending discipline with a loud case for tax cuts. Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell is absolutely right to warn against Obama's gigantic stimulus-spending package. McConnell says it "will be the largest spending bill... Read More

Shock-and-Awe Easing

In a monetary version of shock-and-awe, the Federal Reserve unleashed a massive easing move with its FOMC policy announcement Tuesday — one that represents a sea change in central-bank operations. For starters, Bernanke & Co. established a new target range... Read More

Who's Losing the U.S. Car Business?

After Chairman Mao's revolution about 60 years ago, people in the U.S. played the blame game by asking, "Who lost China?" Well, following the breakdown of an arduous seven-hour Senate negotiating session on Thursday night, many are asking, "Who lost... Read More

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