Larry Kudlow: March 2009 Archives

A 'Truly Breathtaking' Departure

Team Obama fired GM CEO Rick Wagoner Sunday afternoon, just a short time after Treasury man Tim Geithner told the television talk shows that some banks will need large amounts of new TARP-money government assistance — even though the bankers... Read More

The AIG Outrage

This whole AIG fiasco — where the entire political class is suddenly screaming over bonuses paid to derivative traders in AIG's financial-products division — is just a complete farce. What it really shows is how the government has completely bungled... Read More

A Yield-Curve Rally on Wall Street

The upward-sloped yield curve has come to Wall Street for a real bailout of the big banks.Today, Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit told Bloomberg that the bank has turned profitable with its best numbers since 2007. This echoes what BofA CEO... Read More

Government Announcements Lead to Falling Stocks

Stocks plunged again today, following the latest episode in the Treasury bailout of insurance company AIG. The Dow closed down about 300 points. There's a pattern here. Stocks fell last Friday following the latest bailout chapter for Citigroup. And stocks... Read More

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