Larry Kudlow: July 2009 Archives

It's a New Bull Market

Let's call this what it is: A new bull market in stocks has emerged from the ashes of the financial meltdown and the deep recession that followed. And it's signaling the onset of economic recovery. Free-market capitalism is more durable,... Read More

Is Bernanke Wise Enough to Exit?

Fed head Ben Bernanke went before Congress this week with his midyear update on monetary policy and the economy. In so many words, the former Princeton economics professor is taking credit for averting the collapse of our financial system; is... Read More

Banks Winning at Expense of Taxpayers

Banks surged and stocks followed yesterday, mostly on the heels of high expectations for trading firm Goldman Sachs, which really is more of a hedge fund than a real bank. Last Thursday, I said banks are my favorite stock market... Read More

Washington Needs to Help Businesses for a Change

Are the stock market and economy taking turns for the worse? Do we really need a new stimulus plan from Washington? Let's begin by rolling back the clock to last Thursday's June jobs report. It was not a good report.... Read More

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