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Without Bipartisan Support, Bernanke Should Withdraw

Helicopter Ben Bernanke passed his reconfirmation vote in the Senate Banking Committee this week. But he passed by 16 to 7. Most of the Republicans voted against Bernanke, as did one Democrat, Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon. The reconfirmation now... Read More

Household Healing

Another important sign of economic recovery came today from the Fed's release of household balance sheets in the Flow of Funds report for the third quarter.Overall, household net worth rose $2.7 trillion in the third quarter. Now, we are still... Read More

No Solid Gold Performance from Bernanke

Fed head Ben Bernanke got hammered today during his reconfirmation hearing in front of the Senate Banking Committee. Jim Bunning was Bernanke's toughest critic, followed by Richard Shelby, Jim DeMint, and yes, Chris Dodd, the beleaguered committee chair who in... Read More

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