Larry Kudlow: May 2010 Archives

An Important Silver Lining

Amidst all of the fear, panic, and growing stock market doom and gloom, I'd like to offer an important silver lining. It's a little piece of economic optimism. Look no further than the sharply rising U.S. dollar. It has completely stopped inflation dead in its trac Read More

A Big-Bang, Trillion-Dollar Euro Burial?

Oops. What the European leaders really meant to do with their big-bang, trillion-dollar sovereign-debt rescue was to save the euro currency, not to bury it. But with the cave in by European Central Bank head Jean-Claude Trichet (formerly a hard-money man and closet Read More

Keynesian Spending Has Zilch Effect on Recovery

Stubbornness is a bad trait in politics and policy, one that will be punished at the polls this November. Read More

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