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Double-Dip Trade Is Probably Overdone

Stocks took a real drubbing on Tuesday, with the Dow off 268 points and the major indexes basically falling 3 percent. Call it the double-dip trade. Read More

BP, the White House, and Congress Are All Dirty

Amidst all the political jockeying over the BP catastrophe, the main players are missing what is really uppermost on America's mind: It's the spill rate, stupid. It's jobs, stupid. It's the economy, stupid. And none of it is happening. Read More

'Medium Term' Ben Sucks Up to Spendthrift Congress

When Ben Bernanke testified a couple of days ago before the House Budget Committee, he gave a fairly upbeat forecast of 3.5 percent growth this year, and somewhat stronger growth in 2011. Okay, fine. Read More

The Message of Falling Stocks & Rising Gold

"Wall Street in a Slow Crash" was the headline splashed on Dow Jones' MarketWatch, one of the top financial websites, yesterday afternoon. To be sure, the Dow suffered yet another down day on Monday, shedding 115 points. And the broad-based S&P 500 is off 14 percen Read More

Stocks and the BP Catastrophe

It is noteworthy that the BP oil explosion occurred on April 20. Three days later, on April 23, the market peaked. Is this is a coincidence? Or is Mr. Market telling us something that we do not yet fathom? Read More

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