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John Boehner's Pro-Growth Message

The Intrade pay-to-play prediction markets are now showing a 76 percent chance of a GOP House takeover in November, so Boehner's lengthy broadside attack on Obamanomics at the City Club of Cleveland this week takes on special meaning. Read More

Barney Frank Comes Home to the Facts

Image by World Economic Forum Can you teach an old dog new tricks? In politics, the answer is usually no. Most elected officials cling to their ideological biases, despite the real-world facts that disprove their theories time and again.... Read More

Lessons of the Summer Swoon

The economy is suffering from something like a summer swoon. In the words of business columnist Jimmy Pethokoukis, the recovery summer has gone bust. We all know this from the sloppy statistics coming in for jobs, retail sales, and most recently manufacturing. But Read More

The Washington War on Investment

Will higher tax penalties on investment really spur jobs and faster economic growth? Most commentators would say no. It's really a matter of economic common sense. But Tim Geithner says, Yes! Read More

Behind the Fed's Policy Leak

A front-page WSJ story, "Fed Mulls Symbolic Shift," is a great leak from the central bank to reporter Jon Hilsenrath. Basically, the Fed wants to stop its $2.3 trillion balance-sheet portfolio from shrinking and therefore tightening monetary policy. So, when its mo Read More

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