Articles by Laurence J. Kotlikoff

The Drug War

These days beating up on America's drug companies is PC, de rigueur, a national pastime -- you name it. Americans of all political stripes view the pharmaceutical industry as greedy, corpulent, and corrupt. They're mad as hell and aren't... Read More

How to Save Medicare

Buried deep in the bowels of the recently released Medicare Trustees' Report is the first-ever official estimate of Medicare's true long-run costs. Previous reports have considered only short- and medium-term costs. The new "infinite horizon" estimate adds up all. Read More

A Telecom Tutorial for the Heritage Foundation

When competition is allowed to thrive, the results can be nothing less than spectacular. The telecom market is a case in point. Today, we can call long distance for a quarter of the price that prevailed in 1984 --... Read More

A Telecom Tutorial for George Gilder

One of the nice things about economics is you don't need a degree to discuss the subject; nor do you need any credentials for people to listen. Indeed, if you write well and speak clearly, people will listen simply... Read More

Monopoly Matters

It's been seven years since the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (TA96) was passed with its promise to open local phone and broadband markets to competition. The plan was simple: Require the regional Bell companies to lease their bottleneck facilities at... Read More

No Economic Sense

As Congress begins to consider new tax cuts, the FCC is debating what would amount to a major tax increase for each and every American household. I refer here to the very substantial telephone and broadband price hikes that will... Read More

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