Articles by Lene Johansen

Hard to Swallow

Environmentalists in Europe have reacted with predictable outrage to the news that the World Trade Organization this week ruled in favor of the US in the dispute over genetically modified (GM) crops, and despite losing the EU has steadfastly defended... Read More

Crop Circles

The expected World Trade Organization arbitration in the fight between Washington and Brussels over genetically modified (GM) crops did not happen at the end of June, but a revolution by the European Council unexpectedly did. For the first time... Read More

Norway to Treat a Lady

Norwegian corporations will have to make significant changes to their governing boards or face liquidation by the hands of the Norwegian state. Sound scary? Wait for the really scary part: By July 1 of this year, the law mandates that... Read More

Nordic Combined

Political parties in Iceland and Norway are getting ready for another attempt to persuade their citizens to join the European Union. At a recent meeting the Icelandic Progress Party decided to run on a pro-EU platform during the next... Read More

Biotechnology and the State

Back in 1992, when Norway first adopted its current biotechnology law, nobody cared much about the issue except the Christian Democrats. They pushed through legislation that bans donation of human eggs, research on human embryos and pre-implant diagnostics of... Read More

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