Articles by Lorne Gunter

Here Comes the Sun

More proof of the causes of climate change came earlier this month when the Geological Society of America's GSA Today published a study by a Canadian geologist and an Israeli astrophysicist which shows conclusively that over the past half-billion... Read More

Canadian Hot Spots

Canada's Inuit have joined forces with their circumpolar brothers and sisters - the Inuit of Greenland, Alaska and Siberia - to lobby their national governments for ratification of the Kyoto accord. At a Pan-Arctic conference last month, representatives of these,.. Read More

Heat Not Light

"Walkout averted!" trumpeted a headline last week from Johannesburg. Apparently 12,000 activists and lobbyists from environmental and anti-globalization NGOs had threatened to abandon the UN's World Summit on Sustainable Development if they weren't given more acces Read More

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