Articles by Louis James

Big Brother in Your Shopping Cart?

An emerging controversy that does not seem to be getting as much attention in Europe as it is in the U.S. is that surrounding Radio Frequency ID chips (RFID). Perhaps this is for the best, as the technology has... Read More

Bonjour Wal-Mart?

"Wal-Mart tells Tesco we're coming after you: US giant lays down the gauntlet," reads a May 25th headline in the Financial Times. With Wal-Mart planning a huge expansion into the European market, and many powerful interest groups taking note,... Read More

Harvest of Blame

February 5, 2004. Morecambe Bay, Lancashire. Thirty people, mostly poor Chinese migrant workers, were caught miles from safety by racing tides as they collected shellfish. A husband watched in horror as his wife was swept out to sea. Another... Read More

A Mushrooming Crisis

Last summer's heat wave showed what a lethally flawed idea socialism is, when France's socialist medical system proved so inept and almost 15,000 people died. That is such a huge number that most people find it hard to comprehend... Read More

"Climate Risk to Million Headlines"

The usually staid BBC ran a rather sensational (if somewhat grammatically challenged) headline, "Climate risk 'to million species'," on January 7, 2004, announcing a global warming "study" in the journal Nature. The lack of words like "possible" or "may"... Read More

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