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Ensuring Healthy Forests

Last Fall, Congress passed the bipartisan Healthy Forests Restoration Act. The Act built upon the foundations of President Bush's Healthy Forests Initiative -- an effort to protect communities and restore forest health by selectively removing overly dense vegetati Read More

Science Tsar Can't Resolve Environmental Policy Dilemmas

In a hearing on Capitol Hill last week, members of the House Science subcommittee on the environment, technology and standards heard testimony that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ought to have a deputy administrator for science. Science, witnesses at... Read More

Conservation, Not Commerce, Keys Revival Of Environmental Localism

An oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara in 1969 helped trigger a volley of federal environmental statutes. Those statutes left Americans with volumes of top-down prescriptions from the nation's capital. Thirty years later, that top-down legacy is... Read More

A Fast Answer to Energy Shortages - Supply Management

Energy issues -- nearly dormant for two decades -- are back on the minds of Americans. Last week, President George W. Bush linked his decision not to move forward with carbon dioxide (CO2) regulations to concerns about rising energy... Read More

Time Will Show Whitman Is No Browner

New Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Christie Todd Whitman has beltway denizens perplexed. In rapid succession, she has affirmed diesel regulations advanced by her predecessor Carol Browner, applauded a Supreme Court decision upholding EPA air regulation Read More

Carbon Caps Aren't The Answer To Global Warming Uncertainties

Barely a month into her role as Environmental Protection Agency administrator, Christine Todd Whitman chimed in on climate change. "The science is good on climate change. It does exist," she assured Crossfire TV show host Robert Novak. She also added... Read More

Federal 'guidance' poses greatest threat to state toxic site cleanups

Next week, Congress will, again, convene hearings on "brownfields." By one estimate, more than 500,000 of these contaminated, old industrial sites -- so-called brownfields -- dot the American landscape. Both the Senate and House already have draft legislation to.. Read More

Can Farmers Put a Lid on Animal Waste?

For three decades, the environmental spotlight has shone on pollution-belching factories. Now agriculture faces increased scrutiny. In March, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will hold eight hearings across the nation to present proposed new regulations fo Read More

California Must Streamline Regulation to Provide Power and Protect the Air

As Californians battle to keep their lights on, the state's environmental lobbyists worry about air quality. They fear that lawmakers in the midst of the crisis will weaken environmental regulations so that older generating plants can come back on line... Read More

States Clean Up Hazardous Waste While Federal Superfund Dithers

During his campaign for the presidency, then Gov. George W. Bush's first environmental speech took place at an industrial site in Pennsylvania. The former hazardous waste site had been cleaned up, but not with leadership from Washington, and not... Read More

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