Articles by Lynne Kiesling

The Solution, Not the Problem

The blaming and finger pointing began almost as quickly as the lights went out. First it was the U.S. and Canada blaming each other for causing this particular blackout, but inevitably the blame conversation turned to larger issues of policy,... Read More

The Price Ain't Right

Suddenly politicians in Washington are concerned about a natural gas crisis. Indeed, Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham has convened the National Petroleum Council to discuss the matter on June 26 in Washington. Current natural gas prices are high -- more than... Read More

Athena's Gifts

In Greek mythology Athena is the goddess of both wisdom and war, and of the application of reason and intelligent activity to domestic and artisanal activity. Ancient Greeks also believed that Athena invented the horse bridle, enabling men to... Read More

Green Market

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's price cap for the wholesale electricity market in the western U.S. has been renewed (it had been due to expire September 30). FERC is pursuing this strategy even though we have decades of experience in... Read More

The Super Market

In an environment of congratulatory back-slapping in Washington Tuesday morning, President Bush signed a new piece of legislation designed to reduce corporate accounting fraud and reward companies and CEOs who are transparent and above reproach. The problem is that Read More

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