Articles by Marcus Stober

Pipeline Politics

KIEV -- At 10 in the morning on New Year's Day the Russian gas giant and state monopolist Gazprom switched off its natural gas supplies to Ukraine. This astounding move came after a few hectic weeks of intense negotiations over... Read More

A European Defense Market?

European defense markets are fragmented into 25 different entities in which few common rules are applied and national interest prevails over economic rationales. This ends up costing consumers. Just how much European taxpayers are overcharged due to a lack of... Read More

Ukraine's 100 Days

It has now been a little bit more than 100 days since the Orange Revolution swept through Ukraine and installed Victor Yushchenko as president. Expectations are high that the new government will move the country towards democracy and free market... Read More

From Inventions to Innovation

Are intellectual property rights crucial to boosting innovation in Europe? That was the question addressed last week at a TechCentralStation Europe Hayek Series debate, where a panel of EU experts convened to discuss the challenges facing Europe's drive to create.. Read More

Can Soft Power Really Save the World?

Almost a year after the launch of the so called European Security Strategy (ESS), European leaders should re-visit the document and ask themselves: have we lived up to our joint commitments? To be fair, from the politicians' point of view,... Read More

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