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Limits to Growth

Congress is back in session this week, and once more the heat will be on President Bush and the Republicans to embrace Kyoto Protocol-style greenhouse gas-reduction policies. Three December 2005 reports shed new light on the economic feasibility -- and... Read More

A Windfall of Bad Ideas

In the third-quarter of 2005, the major U.S. oil companies -- ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, BP America, and Shell Oil Company -- collectively earned almost $26 billion in profits, an all-time record.[1] In September and October, gasoline prices also hit hist Read More

Setting America Free or Shackling Us with Mandates?

In a recent speech at Georgetown University, Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.) outlined forthcoming legislation to "set America free" from "dependence" on imported oil. He wants to end both our pain at the pump and America's reliance on oil sheiks. But... Read More

All Cost, No Benefit

Tomorrow, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee will hold a hearing on Sen. Jeff Bingaman's (D-N.M.) Climate and Economy Insurance Act. Originally an amendment to the Senate energy bill, Bingaman withdrew this legislation from consideration after its m Read More

Reef Madness

Now that Russia has ratified the Kyoto Protocol, Australia is the only industrialized country besides the United States to reject the U.N.-sponsored climate treaty. However, a report commissioned by Australian affiliates of World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace denies Read More

A Bigger, "Renewable" Boondoggle

In Washington, sometimes all you need to do to find out lobbyists' latest schemes to bilk the unwary taxpayer is attend a public meeting. What brings this to mind is Greenwire reporter Ben Geman's December 7 story recounting a... Read More

Junk Law

They all deserve a good spanking. "They" are the state attorneys general (AGs) and other lawyers who will soon file briefs with the Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia demanding, in effect, that the U.S. Government ration... Read More

Et Tu, Edison?

The Edison Electric Institute (EEI), the association of shareholder-owned electric power companies, opposes the Kyoto Protocol, the McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act, and kindred proposals to regulate carbon dioxide (CO2), the inescapable byproduct of the c Read More

McCain's Nose-Under-the-Tent Strategy

Who does Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) think he is fooling?   McCain's "Climate Stewardship Act" (S. 139), co-sponsored with Senator Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.), and soon to be voted on in the Senate, started out as a roadmap back to the... Read More

Thank You, Pew!

You've got to hand it to the Pew Center on Global Climate Change -- their timing is impeccable. Pew's latest big-splash report, U.S. Energy Scenarios for the 21st Century, hit congressional offices just as members began debating amendments to... Read More

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