Articles by Martin Fridson

New York's Bizarre Housing Tax

The trail led to the Badlands. His name is Bill Golodner, private investigator. Along with partner Bruce Frankel he hunts down absentee tenants of rent-regulated New York City apartments. Golodner's subject was clearing a cool $1,500-plus every month by... Read More

How Seattle Slew the Raid on Its Treasury

November's elections brought a small, but encouraging bit of news for disbelievers of the proposition that government exists to advantage the already advantaged. Voters in Seattle overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure ending taxpayer subsidies for professional Read More

Milton Friedman's Gentle Persuasion

My direct contact with Milton Friedman was limited to an email exchange only a few months before his death. I had sent him a copy of my book, Unwarranted Intrusions: The Case Against Government Intervention in the Marketplace, as... Read More

The Permanent War on Payola

It lies within the government's power to outlaw a market, but not ordinarily to abolish it. At most, the authorities can drive the nexus underground. The resource-allocation need that gave rise to the market will survive. Associated transactions will assume... Read More

No, We Don't Need a Manhattan Project for Energy

"We need an all-out effort, a Manhattan Project, a man to the moon, to become less dependent on fossil fuel and the Middle East." So said Representative Chris Shays (R., CT) following a trip that included stops in Iraq, Jordan,... Read More

Rain on the Economic Forecasters' Parade

Investors are keenly interested in the pronouncements of economic forecasters, judging by the massive amounts of ink and airtime allotted to them by the media. It doesn't necessarily follow, however, that heeding the prognosticators is useful in selecting securitie Read More

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