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A New Venezuela of the East

Thailand, once a case study in howa developing country can move forward through long-term economic growth, is nowmoving backward. The military coup last September marked the beginning ofthe U-turn, and the new government has since reversed many of the policies... Read More

Google Earth and the Taxpayer

BUENOS AIRES -- For those who have been fighting for the ideas of freedom, the Internet Revolution opened a new era. Technology would help educate people on the benefits of freedom and the need to restrict government. And as... Read More

Valueless Bargaining Chips

The Group of 20 (G-20) includes those countries that supposedly do not subsidize agriculture, but they subsidize everything else. They came together in order to push for a reduction in agricultural tariffs and subsidies from Japan, Europe and the US,... Read More

The Price of Rationality

"If it barks, it must be a dog." That is why it is important to consider the arguments offered by those attempting to explain that something barking is not a dog. Concerned about the rise of inflation, the Argentine government... Read More

Latin American Circus in Vienna

The announcement should read: "Come and see the most spectacular show ever... the world famous Latin American Circus arriving in Vienna!" The opportunity was the Summit meeting in Austria of the presidents and prime ministers of Mercosur and the European... Read More

Populism and Institutional Ruin

Are illiberal trends in Latin America regional or just isolated situations in each country? The possible electoral victory in Perú of a former military officer with clear inclinations to Venezuelan strongman Chávez; the unstable situation in Ecuador; the successful Read More

Latin America's Changing Chessboard

The recent election of Evo Morales in Bolivia has raised the eyebrows of those who follow Latin American affairs. Their concerns about the political direction of the region might be following, where the trend would be towards a picturesque blend... Read More

Job Summit of the Americas

When the host country Argentina proposed as the subject for the IV Summit of the Americas "Creating Jobs to fight poverty and Strengthen Democratic Governance" it probably thought that this was the way to avoid discussing the Latin American Free... Read More

A New Balance on Counterfeit Goods

The sports shoe manufacturer New Balance is about to return to Argentina after four years of absence, after it completes some sort of "cleaning" of the market of pirated copies of their famous shoes. Tired of complaining about counterfeits they... Read More

Easy AIDS Charity

Anyone with an "ethical and responsible commitment to people living with HIV/AIDS" knows perfectly well the options available to satisfy that concern: voluntarily contribute time, property or money. Politicians do something else though, they travel first class, sta Read More

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