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You Say You Want a Constitution?

It ended with a whimper, not a bang. After 17 months of deliberations, the European Convention produced a draft Constitution on schedule for the EU summit meeting near Thessaloniki, Greece. The document's Part III, containing the devil's detail, will... Read More

In Your Face Space Race

"One small step for a European citizen, one giant leap for the United States of Europe," is the message that the European Commission would presumably like Euronews to broadcast if its vision of an enhanced European space program comes to... Read More

Constitutional Deliberations

"Two steps forward, one step back," is how one Conventioneer described the deliberations on the proposed European Constitution to me-an analysis with which most participants would agree. Where they differ is that those who support further European integration (some Read More

Dance of the Seven Veils

The final stage of the European Convention drafting a 'Constitution for Europe' is rather like a dance of the seven veils. At the fortnightly plenary sessions, the Praesidium unveils another section of the Constitution, which Conventioneers amend and then discuss.. Read More

'The Biggest Show in Town'

Last February, the EU convened a 'Future of Europe' Convention made up of the 15 member states and 13 candidate countries to decide how an enlarged Union of 28 nations should operate. Under the chairmanship of former French President Valéry... Read More

Power Politics

"A few years from now a glass of water like this could be a luxury, if politicians can't agree on a way to protect our water supplies," exclaims a fictitious assistant in a new cartoon strip published by the European... Read More

Bastiat in Europe

Forward March! New Year's Day marked the tenth birthday of the Single Market, which was created to abolish "obstacles to the free movement of goods, persons, services and capital" in the European Union. Ten years after the then European... Read More

Note From Brussels: Free to Choose?

For many people, the car is a symbol of freedom. Arthur Seldon recalls in Capitalism how at age 11 he made a silent promise that when he grew up and had acquired a car, he would return to the East... Read More

Brussels Rustles

Recycling Rubbish At their Council meeting this month, EU environment ministers passed a directive to force member states to recycle between 55 and 80 pct of all packaging waste by December 2008. The only governments to object were the Netherlands... Read More

Privacy In Part

BRUSSELS -- How would you describe a country that allows the police to access your telephone records, to monitor the websites you visit and to track your movements by tracing your mobile telephone signal? How would you define a political... Read More

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