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We the Rats, We the Children

We aren't rats. Nor are we children. But Congress and the Obama Administration seem to think so. From Cash-for-Clunkers to the idea that all Americans should be forced to buy health insurance, our leaders are moving away from stewardship of... Read More

Can We Compete With Free?

The U.S. now spends as much as Canada on government, according to Canada's National Post. That means, for better or worse (almost assuredly worse), government will dole out a lot more goods and services for "free." Nothing is free, of... Read More

Criticize by Creating

Most people think politics boils down to different answers to the question: how do we make the world a better place? According to idealist Michael Strong, step one is to ditch the politics. The second step to making the world... Read More

It's Not the Economy, Stupid

Despite the occasional Krugman, most economists are scratching their heads. What is the Obama Administration doing? It just doesn't make economic sense. First, we get this stimulus bill, which amounts to an unprecedented wealth transfer. Now, coming down the pike,. Read More

Keynesian Creationism - Part 2

Continued from Part 1...Keynesian Creationists have descended on Washington like the Promise Keepers on Houston. Their disciples are abuzz in the blogosphere, casting aspersions on the non-believers. Lest I be accused of empty ad hominem, allow me to put a... Read More

Keynesian Creationism - Part 1

By now, anyone who is interested in economic matters should be familiar with the term "market fundamentalism." It's a low-cost but effective elbow thrown by leftish intellectuals engaged in rhetorical team sports. The idea is to ridicule and deride, rather... Read More

The Think Tank Bubble

Everyone knows what a bubble is these days. It's hard to miss once you've been in it and then had it deflate. Housing is an obvious example. I recall considerable groaning in 2000 when tech-heavy 401Ks suffered after a similar... Read More

The Economy is Not a Machine

Beware. The fixers have come to Washington. "Fix" because this one little word, in a close race with "run," is now the most dangerous word in the English language. Fix and run, you see, are words that betray the false... Read More

Socializing Medicine in Three Easy Steps

The votes are in. America has chosen Barack Obama as President. Now America must live with its decision--particularly when it comes to Obama's grand strategy to kill private health insurance in America. Skeptical? Campaign ads depicting Obama's health care plan... Read More

Dear Mr. President: Iraq Is Ready for Phase Three

First, congratulations. After a long campaign you have prevailed. The champagne corks have been popped. The confetti has fallen. Now the work begins. On the issue of Iraq, the question that should linger is not whether the Iraq adventure was... Read More

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