Max Borders: February 2005 Archives

Whither Europe?

President Bush's fence-mending trip through the EU will be greeted with all manner of protests. A curious mixture of antiwar hostility, groupthink, and Eurotopianism is the prevailing sentiment over there. While many Europeans will have questions for the President Read More

Madness in America

The passing of Rosemary Kennedy reminds us not only of another stain on the Kennedy legacy, but also of some rather barbaric psychiatric practices that had been acceptable methods of treatment as recently as 1967. That was the year in... Read More

The Coming Boxer Rebellion

Sic Semper Tyrannis. Such reads the State flag of Virginia. "Thus always to tyrants," it says. The flag features a warrior woman "Virtue" stepping triumphantly upon a fallen despot. Though given the Virginia legislature's recent 60-34 vote to adopt a... Read More

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