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The Hamas Win Brings Clarity

Hamas takes power. Automatic rifles fire into the night. A collective sigh. Some say: "You wanted Democracy? ... You got it." Nevertheless, this is the situation that we're presented with. Indeed, this is the situation that the Palestinian people have... Read More

Interview with Thomas P.M. Barnett

Max Borders: Joining me is Thomas P.M. Barnett, author of the new book, Blueprint for Action. It's a follow-up to the phenomenally successful The Pentagon's New Map. Welcome, Tom. Thomas Barnett: Thanks for having me. Borders: Before getting into the... Read More

Rights Schmights

In "The Metaphysics of Conservatism" Ed Feser presents an annotated history of Western philosophy with the hope of guiding us to the idea of Natural Rights. He doesn't say that outright, but it's clear that Feser is concerned about the... Read More

Quiz Show

Over at Reason Online, Matt Welch challenges his pro-war on terror libertarian friends to take his specially designed libertarian quiz. (Note: all of Welch's answers to his own questions are "no.") I have taken up his challenge and humored him... Read More

The Left's Intelligent Design Problem

Scion of America's greatest Keynesian, James K. Galbraith recently penned one of the most astonishing near misses in recent memory. In the December/January edition of Mother Jones Galbraith accuses free-market economists starting with Adam Smith of being Intelligen Read More

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