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The Plan to Replace the Welfare State

Max Borders: Joining us today we have Charles Murray, author of the new book, "In Our Hands: A Plan to Replace the Welfare State." Welcome, Charles. Charles Murray: Good morning. Borders: You've studied social safety nets for most of your... Read More

Killing for Recognition

Telling are the faces of radical Islam: The dark unrest on the eyes of Moktada al Sadr; the unresolved rage in the countenance of Zacharias Moussaoui; the faces in a crowd of Palestinians burning a flag. By contrast, consider the... Read More

The Stone Age Trinity

The late philosopher Robert Nozick pointed out that when people compare themselves to one another, they are disposed to feel one of two emotions -- guilt or envy. Guilt when someone has a lower station than you; envy when someone... Read More

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