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Happily Burying Bentham

Man, if you have to ask what it is, you'll never know.- Louis Armstrong At TCS, we've seen more than one article come across our desks about so-called "happiness research" and the efforts of some to use results of the... Read More

How to Feed a Starving Artist

Max Borders: Our guest today is Tyler Cowen, Professor of Economics at George Mason University and author of the new book Good and Plenty, the Creative Successes of American Arts Funding. Welcome Professor Cowen. Tyler Cowen: Thank you for having... Read More

A Blueprint for Inaction?

Thomas P. M. Barnett knows how to electrify a room full of military brass. He's been doing it since there was PowerPoint. That's because, like a scaled-down Copernicus, Barnett taught us how to see the world in a different way.... Read More

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