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Balkan Tiger

The fountain of youth found in Macedonia? So claims travel writer Richard Bangs. If true, it is surprising that rejuvenation of the Macedonian economy has been so elusive for so long. In fact, the arrival of Macedonian independence in the... Read More

Coming to America

For many Eastern Europeans a US tourist visa means more than just sending postcards and visiting tourist destinations in the Land of the Free - indeed, a tourist visa often amounts to a ticket to increased economic well-being. The practice... Read More

Death and Taxes in the EU

"In this world nothing can be said to be certain," Benjamin Franklin famously said, "except death and taxes." But when applied to corporations today, even that isn't necessarily true. On one hand, a skillful use of complex tax systems decreases... Read More

A bad proposal motivated by ugly politics threatens effective governance of the Internet. For years, there has been criticism of US dominance of global Internet governance, and calls-to-arms to do something about it have been floating around international policy ci Read More

Skyping the Hype

"Supermodels not wanted. We want your brain." This ad, in English, appeared in Estonian newspapers in 1999. At the time, the advertisement seemed ironic in a country where the biggest international breakthroughs had been achieved by skin-and-bones supermodels, such Read More

State Venture Capital?

The prime minister of Latvia recently abolished the Absurdities Prevention Bureau inherited from his predecessor. At first read that might produce a grin, yet the PM's decision seems immature as the biggest absurdity has yet to be tackled: the desire... Read More

The Politics of Garlic

The otherwise messy world of Estonian politics enjoyed some clarity this April. Every Estonian taxpayer must pay one percent more personal income tax in 2006 and two percent more in 2007. This overhaul of an already scheduled tax decrease seems... Read More

The Unbearable Normality of Russia

Our dominant impression of things Russian is an impression of a vast irreparable breakdown, observed H.G. Wells, after his 1920 visit, in the book Russia in the Shadows. Eighty-five years later not much seems to have changed. Now what... Read More

Wishful Thinking and the Europeans

Most Europeans who are fiercely critical of George W. Bush would feel at home in Massachusetts. Liberal Massachusetts seems a world apart from Texas, the home state of President Bush. Its dominantly liberal politics and "Europeanness" offer a stark... Read More

Cloning the Taiwanese Tiger?

When developing countries want to advance their backward economies through technological innovation, they often look for lessons from Western Europe and the United States. Obviously, technology has been a crucial factor behind Western prosperity during the last ce Read More

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