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Howard's Ends

Libertarians thinking about voting for Howard Dean should be taking a long, hard look at their prospective candidate. In an interview with the Washington Post on November 18th, Mr. Dean indicated that one of his major priorities is going... Read More

Gonna Cruise the Miracle Mile

In my previous life as a technology consultant, I was often handed plans in which the critical step seemed to entail the use of expensive equipment that the client didn't have, and had no intention of installing. It was... Read More

Demography, Disaster and Destiny

Last week, I wrote a column arguing that Social Security and Medicare are about a decade away from turning into the sucking chest wound of the Federal Budget. I pointed out that the day is rapidly approaching when the benefits... Read More

The Bad News Is the Good News Is Irrelevant

We finally had some good news from the Congressional Budget Office this month. After what seemed like an endless series of dismal reports in which budget surpluses beyond dreams of avarice dissolved into an ocean of red ink, economists... Read More

Why Open Source May Be Doomed

I have to admit that I was never much of a believer in open source. Maybe my business school coursework rendered me blind to the glorious vision of a "gift culture" in which people contribute their work to a decentralized... Read More

Making Something Out of Nothing

What shall we put at Ground Zero? For two years, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation has been trying to answer that question, with the help of the Port Authority, the Mayor's office, and representatives of every "community group" with three... Read More

Coring the Apple

New York City and New York State seem to have something against the financial industry. Of course, we all do. One look at our stock portfolio, and there's a strong urge to round a up a posse and take care... Read More

Amazing Grace

The first time I met Senator Moynihan, I'm afraid I mauled him. I was taking a tour of New York's water tunnels with my father, who worked for the New York Department of Environmental Protection. I was eight. My... Read More

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