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Peas in a Pacific Pod

When Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson last Friday visited Shanghai, home of Feb.27's $100 billion market meltdown, he called for more "balanced, harmonious" growth and tried hard not to trash the Chinese for spreading the stomach flu that also hit... Read More

'The New Commanding Heights for Combat'

As Chinese leaders prepare to make nice in Beijing next week with visiting U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, they are spending a lot less time being nice in the skies above: In space, China... Read More

Waiting Out Castro

As the summit of the non-aligned movement of countries continues in Havana today, those hoping for a reappearance of 80-year-old Fidel Castro may have to content themselves with the news that he reportedly gave UN's Kofi Annan and a few... Read More

Oligopolies of Force

"I don't see a state of Lebanon surviving with a militia next to an army. That's it."- Lebanon's Druze leader Walid Jumblatt As Lebanon is pounded by Israeli air strikes and as Hezbollah uses Lebanese soil as a staging ground... Read More

Dictators and Distractions

Saddam Hussein, Butcher of Baghdad and occasional Muncher of Doritos, was derailed from his three-week hunger strike Sunday in preparation for closing arguments this week in his trial on charges of crimes against humanity. But as Saddam lies hospitalized at... Read More

In Iraq, A Drawdown But Not Out

I sense something different happening in Iraq. ... I hope there's not an expectation from people that, all of a sudden, there's going to be zero violence -- in other words, it's just not going to be the case. On... Read More

Shamnesty Rides Again

"Hundreds...faced detention, torture or ill-treatment, and up to three year's imprisonment in appalling conditions. Prisoners reportedly died from malnutrition in labor camps ... and in detention centers, which were severely overcrowded. ... About 70 had been execu Read More

Radioactive Lies

Twenty years ago the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded in the Soviet republic of Ukraine. It burned for ten days, spreading radioactive materials over neighboring Soviet republics and into Europe, and contaminated millions of adults and children. How many mill Read More

General Unrest

The chow line of retired generals waiting for Donald Rumsfeld's head to be served on a platter has been growing longer by the day. Growing as well, however, are the observations that to use "contemptuous words against... the Secretary of... Read More

The Democracy Critics Are Wrong

To an outsider-American looking in on nascent, democratic Iraq or Ukraine these days, the struggle to cobble together a ruling coalition looks messy and possibly even doomed. In Ukraine, the winners of last year's Orange revolution have broken in a... Read More

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