Melana Zyla Vickers: March 2002 Archives

Dissecting the Anaconda

A common refrain from young GIs returning from Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan has been that this was their first time in combat. Yet they weren't the only first-timers in the field - at least three new ways of war have... Read More

The Future of Combat

At first glance, the Armys decision last Thursday to give Boeing the job of spearheading its Future Combat Systems (FCS) may seem surprising. Why would the boots-on-the-ground Army choose an aerospace company to lead its modernization? The answer is simple.... Read More

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

While U.S. soldiers in the line of fire are clearly the heroes of the renewed campaign to wipe out the Al Qaeda terrorists in eastern Afghanistan this week, a fair amount of awestruck praise has been reserved for an... Read More

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