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Explosive Suggestions

No sooner had the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency rushed to bail out John Kerry with the allegation that President Bush had personally mislaid 38 truckloads of high explosives in Iraq, than Kerry ran with it, calling the claim... Read More

Going on a Manhunt: Do We Have the Technology to Win?

As the military noose around insurgents in Falluja, Iraq tightens, the ability of terrorist Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi to slip through that noose becomes all the more exasperating, for both U.S. forces and for regular Americans who would like to... Read More

Where's the Real Center of the War on Terror?

For my upcoming birthday, I know exactly what I want: A little hardware contraption like a stud-finder, one that I can point at a map to learn the real center of the war on terror. If they're out of... Read More

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