Articles by Merrill Matthews

A House Divided?

The ongoing debate over the market for prescription drugs shows little sign of abating.  After days of contentious debate, Congress recently passed a bill permitting prescription drugs made in the U.S. that are sold and shipped to another country to... Read More

Drug Company Profits aren`t the Problem, They`re the Solution

Pharmaceutical companies are taking their lumps lately. If it`s not Vice President Al Gore lambasting them as those special-interest "Big Drug Companies" he aims to tame, then it`s the NBC TV series " The West Wing" implying they are insensitive... Read More

The Global Business Dialogue on Electronic Commerce: A Model for Internet Partnership

In 1998 the United States Congress created the Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce (ACEC), a 19-member panel made up of representatives from both the public and private sectors to study the impact of taxation and tariffs on the Internet. In... Read More

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