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Socialized Medicine Is Already Here

Congressional Democrats are trying to expand government health insurance to children who don't need public assistance, while their party's presidential hopefuls are concocting even grander schemes to achieve "universal coverage." "That's socialized medicine!" cry Read More

Michael Moore and I Agree! (Sort Of)

First, Mike, I want to thank you for inviting me to the Washington, D.C., premiere of your new movie SiCKO. You invited me even though you knew I was likely to criticize the film's prescription for health care reform. Of... Read More

It's Not the Uninsured, Stupid

Monday marks the beginning of "Cover the Uninsured Week." Funded by a conglomeration of unions, corporations, and foundations, the goal of this campaign is to provide health insurance to all of the estimated 47 million Americans (UPDATE: 45 million according... Read More

Curing Walter Reed Syndrome; A Proposal Even Anti-War Doves Should Embrace

The scandal unfolding at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) has me wondering: could we improve veterans' health benefits by eliminating the VHA? This month, Newsweek reported the stories of Jeffrey Lucey and Jonathan... Read More

Trimming Waistlines by Trimming Government

The Journal of the American Medical Association recently published a study purporting to link increased soda consumption with weight gain. This comes on the heels of studies linking obesity to urban sprawl, longer commutes to work, time in front... Read More

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