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Prospects of a Caucasus War

For those of us watching closely, monitoring events in the Caucasus, 2009 seems to be gearing up to be little better than the shock-and-horrors of 2008 that culminated in Russia's August invasion. While most countries and places are contented enough... Read More

Doubting Der Spiegel

The already embattled Georgian President Mikheil "Misha" Saakashvili's ill-fortunes don't seem to be improving. In late March, Der Spiegel published a damning account of the yet-unreleased findings of the EU inquiry into the brief August war between Georgia and Rus Read More

The End of the War on Terror

When I woke up on the morning of September 12, 2001, I remember crawling out of bed sleepily and beginning my customary morning routine. The first splashes of sunlight fell in through the window as I pulled on my clothes;... Read More

Why You Should Oppose 'Economic Development'

Economic development seems quite the fashionable occupation in many state and municipal circles these days, and why not? Who can argue with efforts by the government to bring in new business, to facilitate job creation, and bolster the tax... Read More

The Iraqi Quagmire You Don't Hear About

Say there's a group of people in Iraq fighting what looks increasingly like an unwinnable war. The core of this group is made up of foreigners intent on a mission of 'liberation' in a land historically alien to their... Read More

After Europe

Last August, Nicholas Sarkozy, the then-expected and now current French UMP presidential candidate, laid out his European Union policy on the commentary pages of the London-based Sunday Telegraph. As had been expected, Sarkozy fell short of backing the EU... Read More

Run for the Rose Revolutionaries

"Is this the stadium of a failed state?" I asked myself, mesmerized, sitting in a gorgeous football (soccer) stadium in the heart of Tbilisi, Georgia amidst a raucous fervor during the Eurocup qualifier game between Georgia and France. Between the... Read More

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