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Will a Disruptive Technology Mothball Therapeutic Cloning?

The global grandees of therapeutic cloning recently gathered in sun-soaked Cairns, the gateway to Australia's Great Barrier Reef, for their annual conference. They have serious strategic issues to deal with along with their scientific papers and posters: persuadin Read More

Is Dishonesty in Our Nature?

What magic is there in embryonic stem cells to make some scientists so economical with the truth and some science journals so credulous? Only a few months after the disgraceful Korean stem cell scandal, another scientist has again announced a... Read More

'We Have to Formulate Our Own Bioethics'

Researchers who want to clone human embryos and create stem cells are facing the biggest public relations disaster in the history of their fledgling science. Their most acclaimed colleague, Hwang Woo-suk, of Seoul National University, has admitted that he lied... Read More

Was Karol Wojtyla the Greatest Mass Murderer of the 20th Century?

Only a month after the death of his predecessor, the new Pope, Benedict XVI, announced that he had launched the process which culminates in Catholic sainthood. The Vatican normally moves at a glacial pace in such things, so the unprecedented... Read More

Eggs Over Easy? False Dawn for Stem Cell Cures

Many people focused on only one word in the banner headlines over news that Korean scientists have successfully cloned 11 embryos and created stem cell lines: cures. Spouses and parents of patients with diabetes, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and spinal cord damage... Read More

"This Should Have Been Anthropology 101": Quiet Breakthroughs in Africa's War on AIDS

If any country knows about the war on AIDS, it's Uganda. Prevalence there has dropped from 30 per cent in 1992 to about 6 per cent now. And the secret of its success has not been mass distribution of... Read More

When Celebrities Suffer

Why are we rushing to canonize Christopher Reeve? To presidential hopeful John Kerry, the quadriplegic actor was "truly America's hero". As far away as Australia, he was "the most impressive person I have ever met" for one of that... Read More

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