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California's Fishy Fish Laws

California's coastline is one of its greatest natural assets. Below the surface however, a number of serious environmental problems loom, principally over-fishing and the loss of productive marine habitat. California's answer to these problems was supposed to come Read More

California Beach Bums

Put two good environmentally smart ideas together - recycling old tires and creating kelp beds, which along with coral reefs are one of the "rainforests of seas" - and what do you get? In California, only litigation and conflict at... Read More

Thirsty For Solutions

California's water wars received national attention recently when a potential water transfer from agricultural Imperial Valley to urban San Diego fell through at the last minute, resulting in a major loss of water for all of California. The transfer deal... Read More

Indian Summary

In many places around the world, the gains in environmental quality in the last few decades have been astounding. People are living longer, the air is cleaner, and agriculture is more productive, freeing up land for wildlife and forest growth.... Read More

An Offshore Investment in Property Rights and Science Pays Off in Stocks

Mismanaged, depleted, and what Garret Hardin termed "The Tragedy of the Commons" describes the history of fisheries in the United States well. Off the coast of New England, the once-rich Georges Bank fishery is perhaps the most dramatic testimony... Read More

Wildlife Enrichment and Oil Exploration a 2-for-1 Deal at the Welder Wildlife Refuge

For landowners and conservation groups intimately involved with the environment, every day is Earth Day. For many others, however, this year's version added a bonus chance to lament the new Administration's 'anti-environment' agenda. One of the most egregious parts Read More

Out In The Bush: Landowners Save The Black Rhino

The black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) prefers roaming the thickets and savannahs of Africa to its high-canopy forests. A browser, the rhino feeds mostly on young twigs, leaves, and shoots. But this 1,400 kilo herbivore can, as the World Wildlife... Read More

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