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'Suffer the Little Children' No More

The vaccine preservative thimerosal has jumped the safety hurdle. Again. So indicates the Sept. 27, 2007 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. The "again" is the problem, though. One huge study after another has cleared thimersorosal as... Read More

NeuroArmed and Ready

Since the first modern neurosurgery was performed in the 19th Century, the highest compliment that could be paid a neurosurgeon is that "he has a steady hand." Unfortunately, despite tremendous advances in the field, hands haven't gotten a bit... Read More

Talking with the Taliban?

It's time to negotiate with the Taliban says Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf. Canada is one of our top Afghanistan allies, so it's meaningful that almost two-thirds of them surveyed in late May think we should parlay with the... Read More

Defeating Malaria with both High- and Low-Tech

O death, where is thy sting? Far too often it comes at the end of a mosquito's proboscis. The worst mosquito-borne disease, malaria, infects about 400 million people worldwide each year (90 percent in sub-Saharan Africa) and kills about... Read More

An Idle Computer Is the Lord's Workshop

Sony's PS3 not only entertains but also cures cancerUse your Playstation 3 to help sciencePlayStation's serious side: Fighting disease Perhaps you've seen headlines like these. Fascinating, huh? And they're all true - but only to a point and one... Read More

New Survey of Afghans Says Time Running Out

Afghanistan may be called "The Forgotten War" but we'd better hurry up and remember it, for time is short. That's increasingly the word from experts both military and non-military, including an exhaustive survey based on 1,000 interviews with Afghans... Read More

The Fighting Killions

It's only fitting that I met Spc. Robert Killion during one of the fiercest gun battles of his 12-month tour in the wild-west Iraqi city of Ramadi in Al Anbar province. I was originally on the other side of... Read More

Garbage In, Garbage Out

"America's Sweetheart" had a lousy 2006. In one recent setback, in which she acted as plaintiff, Erin Brockovich sued 31 hospitals she declared were making unfair claims against Medicare. Her payoff would have been tremendous. But two separate judges... Read More

Call Off the Dioxin Dogs

Way back in 1985 the EPA decided it wanted dioxin to be cancer-causing and made it so, labeling it a "probable human carcinogen." Fifteen years later it upped the ante, concluding -- to a round chorus of applause from the... Read More

Grandma's Fancy Feast?

Break out the cat food! Seniors are again under attack by Big Pharma. Crushing drug prices under the new Medicare Plan D will not only force grandma and grandpa to steal kitty's din-din and turn off the A/C, they may... Read More

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