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Crash Test Smarties

Gone may be the days synthetic mannequins strapped with sensors and electrodes are hurled at break-neck speed into walls for the very purpose of breaking their necks. Researchers at the University of Iowa College of Engineering are currently developing... Read More

Give War a Chance

For developing countries opposed to agricultural subsidies in Europe and the U.S., due restraint may be about to end. The World Trade Organization "Peace Clause", which protects countries with agricultural subsidies from challenges to those handouts, is set to... Read More

Got Milk Cows?

With an aging population watching the corn grow and a mass exodus of youth seeking more exciting if not greener pastures, the American state of Iowa is looking across the Atlantic for new citizens. But unlike its previous (and not... Read More

Where's the Beef?

The longest-running trade dispute between the United States and the European Union - a battle over hormone-treated beef - has been overshadowed by other transatlantic issues recently. While agriculture subsidies and trade distortion are on the front-burner, the bee Read More

North Can Help South

BRUSSELS -- The situation in much of Africa is dire. Half the population lives on less than $1 per day, illiteracy is climbing and school enrollment declining, AIDS/HIV is rampant in many areas of Sub Saharan and Southern Africa. War,... Read More


BRUSSELS -- After years of pandering to fear of genetically modified crops in the European media, protected farm interests and green groups, it is difficult for the European Union to backtrack and claim to support GM crop production and the... Read More

Eye of God vs. Hand of God

BRUSSELS -- Instant replay in World Cup football? "Never!" The traditionalists proclaim. The arguments against instant replay usually point out that it would slow the play too much, take too much influence away from the referees on the field, or... Read More

Peril in the Ports

Recently U.S. customs agents were dispatched to the Port of Singapore to screen cargo containers before they left that port bound for the United States. More than 5.7 million cargo containers arrive in the U.S. each year, only about 2... Read More

Wheat From Chaff

BRUSSELS, Belgium -- It's been called 'Farm Folly' by the Financial Times. The Wall Street Journal Europe hailed it as 'The Great Pig-Out.' The 17-member Cairns group condemned it and the Australian trade minister Mark Vaile said it was 'immoral.'... Read More

Pulling Steel Wool
Over Our Eyes

BRUSSELS - President Bush gambled that his protectionist policies would gain GOP votes in the upcoming congressional elections and for his reelection bid in 2004. Now Europe is gambling that they can effectively strike back at those constituencies that Bush... Read More

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