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The Puzzle of New War

What is "New War?" We have many ready monikers: irregular war, asymmetrical war, unconventional war, guerilla war, 4th generation war, anti-terrorism, and counter-insurgency. All of them miss the mark. They describe what is new as new fighting features: the new... Read More

The Muslim Renovatio and U.S. Strategy

For two years and more this war has had only two definitions. Think of them as working models to explain what is going on, and thus, frameworks for strategy and policy. However each, in fundamental ways, is wrong. Most... Read More

The Soldiering Ethos

America has fought a war for two years with its peacetime military. Moreover this is what both the nation and the military have wanted. But the situation is changing. Effective insurgency in Iraq is just the first step moving... Read More

Breaking the Resistance

The capture of Saddam Hussein marks the end of another phase in America's Great Struggle with Islam. Originally it was a struggle within Islam itself -- a desperate competition over authority, change, and the future of the Muslim World.... Read More

Enemies of the Good

The Administration is missing a strategic opportunity -- if it has not already lost it -- to change the way Muslims understand this war. This change would not move us to the outcome Americans desire, but it could promote... Read More

The Story of This War

Editor's note: This article is the second of a two-part series.   All wars have stories. Moreover a war's story is not necessarily the same as a war's strategy. The story tells how a war is broadly understood and remembered.... Read More

The Six Dilemmas of the Moderate Islamist

Editor's note: This article is the first of a two-part series on moderate Islamists and American strategy. This emerged from a Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab meeting with moderate Islamists. It does not try to speak for moderate Islamists,... Read More

The Muslims are Coming! The Muslims are Coming!

France, Italy, and Spain together could be called "Roman Europe," as they once formed the core of the old Western Empire. Or perhaps we could say "Latin Europe," as they speak what amounts to demotic Latin. Two generations hence, however,... Read More

'Enemy Mine'

Who is the enemy? Victory depends on our answer.   We think of the enemy as "the other" -- either as our opposite, or as a dark mirror of ourselves -- so how we define the enemy also defines... Read More

Military Identity in the Age of Empire

What do you say to a navy that will never see another fleet action, but rather a future searching dhows and rust-buckets for terror contraband? What about an army whose most dangerous enemy is the suicide-bomber - where "combat"... Read More

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