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Dubai The Model?

Westerners who travel to the Middle East often pass through Dubai and sigh deeply. "If only the rest of the Muslim Middle East were as free as Dubai," they say before flying back to Amsterdam, London, New York or wherever... Read More

That Other Cultural War Grinds On

Movie buffs living in Iran got some bad news last month. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his ultra-religious cronies declared a jihad against movies containing "secular, feminist, liberal or nihilist ideas." It will be a few years before certified feminist and... Read More

The Other Important Culture War

Harriet Miers's nomination, the Iraqi referendum, rumors of resignations among top White House staff -- news junkies have had a busy week. Comes now another intriguing story meriting attention. A United Nations agency is helping spearhead an effort to... Read More

Celluloid Bolshies

Actor Charles Grodin, in his book "I Like It Better When You're Funny," recalls a particularly devastating put-down from a critic: "If you want to feel what it is like to die sitting upright in your seat, go see... Read More

They're Coming for Your Shrimp

H.L. Mencken famously defined Puritanism as "the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy." Yesterday's puritans worried about their neighbors enjoying alcohol or gambling too much. Today's neo-Puritan activists fear that someone, somewhere, may be enjo Read More

Down in the Dumps

When most people hear the words "illegal dumping," they probably think of someone using somebody else's trash dumpster without permission. However, in the international trade policy arena, the phrase means something else entirely. According to the World Trade Orga Read More

Baptists, Bootleggers and Wind Power

Have you ever heard of Baptists allying themselves with bootleggers? It actually happened in the early 20th century, when temperance activists in parts of the South struck political bargains with moonshiners and alcohol smugglers. The temperance activists, guided Read More

Turmoil at the Sierra Club?

The Sierra Club is one of America's wealthiest tax-exempt organizations. In fiscal 2002, the Club reported $23,619,830 in revenues, and disclosed $107,733,974 worth of assets to the IRS. It claims a national membership of 700,000 people. As Sierra's website... Read More

France Launches a Global Culture War

Cultural creativity is big business in America. According to the most recent data from Economists Incorporated, U.S. "copyright industries" -- including recording companies and Hollywood studios -- export $88.97 billion worth of their wares each year. These indust Read More

The Green Inquisitor

Best-selling author Michael Crichton recently observed that environmentalism is a kind of pseudo-religion. Hes right. Environmentalists have their own holy days (Earth Day, April 22), their saints (Rachel Carson, Jacques Cousteau), demons (George W. Bush), and Gar Read More

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