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English Patients: Literature in the Digital Age

Editor's note: This is the forth and final installment of Nick Gillespie's coverage of the Modern Language Association's annual meeting. Read part 1, Who's Afraid of the MLA? here, part 2, The Kids Are Alright, Dammit here, and part 3... Read More

When Darwin Meets Dickens

Editor's note: This is the third installment of Nick Gillespie's coverage of the Modern Language Association's annual meeting. Read part 1, Who's Afraid of the MLA?, here and part 2, The Kids Are Alright, Dammit, here. One of the subtexts... Read More

The Kids Are All Right, Dammit

WASHINGTON -- As the 2005 Modern Language Association annual convention officially got underway last night, attendees could choose from panels on "Travel Writing and Empire" (a growth field over the past decade or so, as "postcolonial studies" looking at the... Read More

Who's Afraid of the MLA?

No academic conference draws more smirks and bitch-slaps than the annual Modern Language Association convention. Held every December 27-30, the MLA convention pulls together upwards of 10,000 literary scholars ranging in status from rock-star professors feeling the Read More

There Is No Joy in Juiceville. Why Not?

Am I the only diehard baseball fan in America not particularly put out by the ongoing baseball steroids scandal, now starring Baltimore Orioles slugger Rafael Palmeiro? The well-regarded Raffy -- by the end of this season, he will almost certainly... Read More

Why I Love Spam

Teutonic-style outrage over the infinitely exploding amount of spam - unsolicited bulk emails - has officially replaced weapons of mass destruction and even monkeypox as the leading threat to all that is good and decent about life in these United... Read More

War Changes Men

Let me begin my final post with the well-worn observation that war changes men. Apparently, the war on terrorism has led even rock-ribbed conservatives to wholeheartedly embrace new government programs and powers, mostly on the argument that they can't be... Read More

Something for Nothing

Jonah Goldberg characterizes me as "deeply selfish and myopic," given to "narrow and pinched interpretation," and taking positions "based on a cliche." Finally, someone who really understands me. Jonah argues that the "supposed small tyrannies" visited upon us duri Read More

War vs. Freedom?

"War is often the enemy of freedom." Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman, an intellectual hero to both libertarians and conservatives, uttered those words at the recent meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society in London. Discussing potential threats to freedom at... Read More

Cutting Out the Middlemen

It's a pretty safe bet that once Time magazine has taken note of a cultural trend or topic, it's on its last legs, if not totally over. After all, it took that earnest weekly until 1966 to finally pose the... Read More

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