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Friday Fodder: Scheer Madness, Seeking Refuge, and WW III

Scheer Madness - The Los Angeles Times has in recent years cultivated one of the best opinion pages in the country, far better, more interesting and important than the New York Times. The exception to the page is its... Read More

Friday Fodder: Cool School, Revenge of the Nerds, and Happy Holidays!

The Fodder will feature some more lighthearted features than usual this week given the egg nog is flowing, the carolers are singing, and after a dastardly fall that tested and tried this great country, it's time to pause and spread... Read More

Realists vs. Idealists

Newsweeks Fareed Zakaria has written a provocative piece grandiosely titled How to Save the Arab World. In the article, Zakaria calls for several steps the United States can take to pressure the Arab world into important economic and political reforms.... Read More

Joltin' Joe Biden Fouls One Off

Sen. Joe Biden has brass. In one of the most unfortunately timed public appearances in recent memory given just one day before the terrorist attacks on 9/11 the Delaware senator and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee appeared at... Read More

Friday Fodder: Monsters in Kandahar, Hot Kofi, and Noble Nobel

The Devil Giggles in Kandahar -- A tape was released Thursday of Osama bin Laden and his cronies in a safe house in Kandahar. The tape shows them discussing the 9/11 attacks in explicit detail, chuckling with glee like little... Read More


The United States has announced its withdrawal from the ABM Treaty. Its about time. The treaty had been, for several years now, a serious impediment to American national security. It is a clich to call it a relic of the... Read More

Focus on What Matters: Economy, National Security - Not Tauzin-Dingell

Ready for remonopolization of telecommunications? That's what Verizon co-CEO Ivan Seidenberg is pushing these days, in the process contradicting the promises of the key sponsor to legislation for removing restrictions on his company and other local Bell phone monop Read More

Happy Birthday! Now Grow Up, Libertarians

Today is the 30th birthday of the Libertarian Party. So let's take a moment to offer a hearty congratulations to America's third largest political party. But it's also worth taking a minute to admonish the LP, and perhaps there's... Read More

Friday Fodder: Hugo the Boss, Scary Larry, and Erin Brockovich

Scary Larry -- In an effort to generate goodwill for his plans to help the feds develop a national ID system, Oracle`s Larry Ellison recently donated his company`s software to the U.S. government for security purposes. Despite the controversy... Read More

Direct Hit! One Small Step For National Security

So the Pentagon scored a direct hit in its latest missile defense test. This follows a test earlier in the year in which missile defense architects effectively "hit a bullet with a bullet." The Pentagon is on a roll.... Read More

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