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The Future of News

This week I was prepared to write about the communist Chinese government and all the nefarious things they've been up to of late (it's a lot). But so many interesting developments in technology surfaced that China bashing is on the... Read More

Stemming an Ethical Debate

In what could be an extraordinary and important discovery, scientists at the University of Minnesota believe "a stem cell has been found in adults that can turn into every single tissue in the body," the magazine The New Scientist... Read More

McNealy Gets It!

McNealy Finally Gets It -- Back in November, the federal government and several state attorneys general reached a settlement with Microsoft to bring the lengthy anti-trust case against Mister Softee to an end. At the time, many of us cheered... Read More

Kass Commission Names Emerge

President Bush will announce as early as Wednesday afternoon the members for the Council on Bioethics, sources have told Tech Central Station. Created last August, the President's Council on Bioethics was established to advise President Bush on controversial biotec Read More

Tech vs. Terror

Technological Heritage -- The role technology can and will play in protecting Americans from future terrorist attacks is often misunderstood and mischaracterized. Technology will offer no magic bullet solutions to the threats posed by terrorists. But technology pro Read More

Letter From the Editor

Dear Fans and Friends, Welcome to the new and improved! Poke around and tell us what you think. Youll find lots of improvements over the old site that we think youll enjoy, including: Smarter, cleaner, more elegant design The... Read More

Trying Clinton's Legacy

Worse Than Asleep at the Wheel -- The Washington Post's Matthew Brzeznski has a must-read piece about a foiled terrorist plot in the Philippines. Some of those questioned after the failed plot admitted that among future terror plans were efforts... Read More

The Biggest Loser of 2001

Joining Taliban John Walker, Enron, and baseball contraction on the list of the "biggest losers" of 2001 is a less obvious suspect: the international treaty. First, President George W. Bush treated the ABM Treaty like a 30-year-old son still... Read More

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