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French Duplomacy

Franco-American co-sponsorship of a UN Resolution aimed at a cessation of hostilities in Lebanon was hastily, or hopefully, interpreted as a sign of newfound harmony. That entente is beginning to look like a fragile bridge stretched across a widening chasm.... Read More

Indiscriminate Pacifism

Rebuffed at the recent Rome Conference, a cluster of European nations, allied with the UN and the Lebanese government, are still pushing aggressively for an immediate ceasefire on the Israeli-Lebanese front. To stop the fighting, they brandish the pure white... Read More

High-Struttin', Head-Buttin' France

What do they have in common, the bald noggin of Zizou d'Aguemoune and the white mane of Galouzeau de Villepin? What is the connection between the vainglorious 2003 UN oration of then Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin and the inglorious... Read More

The French Mistake

PARIS -- As the mobilization against a new employment contract, the CPE, gathers steam, another movement, strikingly similar to the November riots, is jumping on the bandwagon and swinging into the front lines. The hallowed French tradition of street protest... Read More

Gang of Barbarians

Ilan Halimi, a young Jewish man, was abducted by the "Gang of Barbarians," held in Bagneux, a banlieue south of Paris, and brutally tortured for three and a half weeks. He died minutes after he was discovered naked, handcuffed, bleeding... Read More

The Cartoon that Broke the Camel's Back

PARIS -- In the space of ten short days Europeans discovered they have been donating $500 million a year to the Palestinian Authority, were rewarded for their no-questions-asked generosity by a landslide victory of Hamas, and became persona non grata... Read More

The Great Train Razzia

Paris 5 January 2006 -- French opinion makers are against the clash of civilizations the same way they are against the war in Iraq: fervently sure of their own moral superiority. But reality has a way of its own, and... Read More

The Riots in Retrospect

French insurance companies have announced they will file claims against the government for partial reimbursement of settlements of €200 million payable for damage incurred during the November riots. The media are too busy gushing with new-found multicultural Read More

The Riot Act

PARIS -- Add one more casualty to the victims of the November incidents in France: Alain Finkielkraut, 56-year-old professor, philosopher, author, and subtle commentator on current events. This humane intellectual has been dragged into something like a cross betwee Read More

Eurabian Fights

PARIS -- As the Eurabian Nights' dream starts exploding in the face of France, mainstream media are counting the number of torched cars and explaining that the rioters suffer from poverty and discrimination. It would seem that Interior Minister Nicolas... Read More

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