Articles by Nima Sanandaji

Crazy for Work

Unemployed you say? We can't really offer you a job... but we could classify you as mentally disabled to improve our labor market statistics! That's the message 25-year-old Swedish citizen Jessica Pettersson got from the state unemployment office. Pettersson has... Read More

Au Revoir, Les Entrepreneurs

European media reported earlier this month that the French economy had grown by 1.1 percent in the second quarter of 2006, the biggest quarterly jump in five years for the country. Could this mean that France has become more attractive... Read More

Costly Conscience

A recent draft opinion for the European Parliament's Committees on International Trade and Development strongly embraces the principles of so-called "fair trade". Socialist MEP Jörg Leichtfried, calls on the European Commission to "promote educational programmes to Read More


The Arab world is rich in natural resources and has a tradition of entrepreneurship, but the economic performance of Arab countries has been very poor over the past few decades. To illustrate, in a briefing paper recently published by the... Read More

The Mis-Education of a Swedish Scientist

As I walked through the corridors of the chemistry department at Chalmers University of Technology one last time, minutes after having completed my last assignment leading to a Masters Degree in biotechnology, I noticed a poster on the door: "SUSTAINABLE... Read More

Assumption Function

Is it possible the environmentalist movement is creating yet another doomsday myth out of global warming? After all, it has a history of false alarms, most notably the claim during the 1970s that we were going to experience a new... Read More

Blaming the Victim

In many European countries both the populations and the politicians strongly oppose the war against terrorism. This might seem strange, given the fact that Islamic terrorism today poses the greatest threat to Western civilization. The reaction in Sweden towards... Read More

An Immigrant's Tale

I arrived in Sweden in 1989 together with my mother and brother. We were refugees from Iran and since we arrived we have depended on welfare and government benefits in one way or another. In a sense I believe that... Read More

Saving Africa

The political left has for decades had a monopoly on defining Africa's problems. The poverty and misery there are blamed on capitalism, multinational companies, lack of foreign aid and an uneven distribution of the world's resources. Indeed there is... Read More

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