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Bigger Worries Than BioChem

Lost in the hullabaloo over David Kay's report on Iraq's unconventional arms are some pretty basic questions. Like, why all the hysteria about biological and chemical weapons in the first place? And why is America spending billions to defend against... Read More

Wes Clark's Military

Turn on Fox News, and you'd think America's technology-driven military sprung from Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's head, fully formed.   But many of the high-tech hallmarks of the American campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq -- Predator drones and satellite- Read More

Hired Guns

A consortium of mercenary groups has made the UN a deceptively simple proposal: give us $200 million, and we'll help bring an end to the war in the Congo. Tribal militias are running rampant in the eastern part of the... Read More

Confronting the Wimp Factor, Part II

Editor's note: This is the second installment of a two-part series on the Democrats and national security issues. You can read Part 1 here. The Democrats are toast in 2004 unless they can stand toe-to-toe with George W. Bush on... Read More

Confronting the Wimp Factor, Part 1

Editor's note: This is the first of a two-part series on the Democratic Party and national security issues. Wimps. UN-lovers. Dixie-Chick-listening, flag-burning, Susan Sarandon wannabes. That's the popular image of the Democratic party, says former Clinton State D Read More

Quiet Riot

There's a mountainous policing job ahead in Iraq for the U.S. military. A few projects in the Pentagon's research pipeline might have helped in that effort - but they're not quite ready for keeping order on the streets of Baghdad.... Read More

Smoke, No Fire

It's a scene being replayed all over Iraq. American soldiers stumble upon a mysterious liquid or powder. The material is tested - and it's shown to be a nerve agent, or mustard gas. Embedded reporters and military flacks rush to... Read More

Web Wide War

For years, military strategists' idea of nirvana has been "network-centric warfare" - the notion that infantrymen, pilots, drones, and generals will all share just about everything they see and hear over a new Internet for combat. In Iraq, U.S. forces... Read More

Mine the Gap

Landmines are already some of the nastiest weapons there are. But they could soon become downright diabolical. Because the Defense Department is developing mines that can talk to one another, and move themselves around in order to cause maximum harm.... Read More

GI Joe as Superman

This isn't quite Superman's X-ray vision. But it's close enough to bring giggles to anyone who's ever read a comic book. The U.S. Air Force and Army are co-funding a project that allows, in a limited way, its troops... Read More

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