Articles by Noel Sheppard

Was the Iraq Election like Vietnam 1967? Or America 1864?

Several critics of the Second Iraq War have attempted to throw cold water on those celebrating a successful and surprisingly stable Iraqi election over the weekend by pointing out that similar joy and optimism emerged after elections in Vietnam in... Read More

A Tale of Two Pension Systems

This past December, outgoing California Public Employees' Retirement System President Sean Harrigan, along with many of his fellow trustees, voted to aggressively oppose President Bush's Social Security reform. In doing so, the board vowed to use the fund's politic Read More

More Depressions Like This, Please

Remember all that talk during the just concluded presidential campaign about this being the worst economy since the Great Depression? Or that President Bush's jobs performance is the poorest since Herbert Hoover was in office? Well, with the close... Read More

The Terrorism Market's Black November: Short al Qaeda

The last twelve months have been very hard on the terrorism industry. Saddam's been captured. Ghadafy surrendered. Hamas leaders have been assassinated. And the best bin Laden could do to disrupt American elections was send Al-Jazeera another videotape in... Read More

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