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The State of Transatlantic Ties

Even though recent headlines have portrayed a rift between Europe and the US regarding terrorism issues, one shouldn't jump to conclusions. While the CIA "black sites" (unofficial jails installed mostly in Eastern Europe) issue has somewhat poisoned the public deba Read More

Vive la Corruption!

A major political scandal has been hounding Jacques Chirac's government for several weeks. Dirty tricks, jealousy and political ambition are the main elements of the soap opera, which features new revelations every day. Best of all it is taking place... Read More

Al Qaeda's Master Plan

Palestinian Authority's President Abu Mazen's recent interview with the pan-Arabic daily Al Hayat is getting lots of attention. In fact, his recognition of Al Qaeda's presence in Gaza and the West Bank coupled with his warning of the "destruction of... Read More

Al Qaeda... in Lebanon

It's been a year since former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was assassinated in downtown Beirut. Since then, Lebanon has erupted to the forefront of the news: the Cedar revolution, the Syrian Army's withdrawal and the political assassinations of anti-Syrian. Read More

The Evidence of Absence

Since September 11, the European-U.S. partnership in the war on terror has generally been strong. Even countries vehemently opposed to the war in Iraq, such as France and Germany, have been cooperating with the US. In fact, John McLaughlin, the... Read More

In France, An Islamist Opportunity?

After two weeks of intense rioting throughout France, many observers are pointing fingers at Muslim fundamentalists. Some even allege that French Islamists, who find support in the country's poor Arab ghettoes, are organizing the riots. This theory is far-fetched. Read More

Inviting Trouble

Tariq Ramadan, the Swiss Islamist denied entry to the US last summer and to France in 1995, has been offered the red carpet treatment by our British cousins. Indeed, not only did he get a fellowship at Oxford University... Read More

The Chirac Doctrine

Under President Jacques Chirac, French foreign policy has become increasingly assertive - although one French academic recently described its raison d'être as to "oppose just to exist." But such descriptions are not entirely fair. While Chirac inherited a French fo Read More

Awakening to "Moderate" Saudis?

After the death of King Fahd, everything looks very much the same in the Saudi political landscape. The stakes are high. According to Hudson Institute fellow and author of the forthcoming book "Princes of Darkness : The Saudi Assault on... Read More

A Kinder, Gentler Chirac

Political turmoil in France and Germany continues to play havoc with E.U.-U.S. relations. German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder could be out of office by September, French President Jacques Chirac, who we'll have to kick around for two more years, will find... Read More

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