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The Next Big Thing

The Internet continues to evolve, integrating video and podcasts as well as the inexorable increases in broadband access and processor speed. Browser enhancements proceed and the Web is now the largest recipient of advertising dollars. Blogs have achieved a critica Read More

Density Is Destiny: On Politics and the Paperboy

Why are things the way they are, politically speaking? Why are the Republicans' most effective ads straightforward clips of Democrats contradicting themselves? Why are conservative pundits so frequently flanking their liberal counterparts? Why is the left-of-center Read More

The Eyes Have It: Florida's Hurricane Lessons

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. -- Hurricane Wilma was one of those either half-empty or half-full glass things. It's hard to say we were lucky to be hit so hard by the late-season storm, but the truth is that things would have... Read More

Abortion, Bombs and Privacy

The terrorist bombings in London will further erode support for Roe v. Wade and may well lead to its overthrow. I am not, in this forum, arguing that this is a good thing. Rather, I would like, if possible, to... Read More

Bombs, Basques... and Boise

November 29th, a commission of Spain's legislature, dominated by Socialists and their center-left allies, accused former prime minister Jose Maria Aznar of lying when he blamed, initially, the ETA for the March 11 attacks on the Madrid railway system.... Read More

A Tale of Two Maps

The now familiar map of the United States, separated into red and blue states, makes the point, graphically, that the coastal population centers tend to vote Democratic while fly-over country leans Republican. Unfortunately, the map's binary either/or electoral co Read More

The Poll Vaulters

According to journalist Jim Angle, Fox News' presidential embed on election night, even the first family was stunned and shaken by exit polls showing challenger Kerry doing far better than they had expected. Democrats watching the same data were,... Read More

Florida's Other Disasters: Floods and Lawyers

Lake Griffin, Florida -- Like the dog that didn't bark, the most important and overlooked story of this year's record-breaking hurricane season may be the flooding that didn't happen in Florida. Even most residents of the state seem to... Read More

The UN's Attack on Self-Defense

Palestinians have decided to delay, until after the upcoming U.S. presidential elections, bringing a resolution to the United Nations Security Council that would endorse the July 9th, non-binding ruling by the UN International Court of Justice that called on... Read More

Viva la "Tech" Revolucion!

The border between Israel and Palestinian territories is, at once, the most controversial and technologically advanced large-scale security barrier in the world. While the UN's International Court of Justice in The Hague has just called for the dismantling of... Read More

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